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Day by day I come to rewatch, also Frank and Perry adventures. Damn I miss your job :/

noiserover responds:


Finally the new one!

noiserover responds:


Nicely done. Boobies are the first factor who attract gamers on a MMO. In order to enter a MMO : you see the girl, you see the pose, you see the boobs, finally you see the title, and then you click the advertising. Every time, the same every way.

Excellent job.

RetroSleep responds:

Thanks, this video isn't about a MMO though. League is a MOBA. Though everything you said is still true. I also play a shit load of MMO's haha

Thank you for this humble initiative.

I remember when i was watching Rise of the mushroom kingdom. Every time, i was waiting for the next episodes. Was the good time... The time of good stories in flash. Edd Gould was a dreamer, and a good animator. We were dreaming with him each time we watched his work. His memory is inside his whole creation. And when we watching, we can smile in the end. Because the soul of this man is still animating his flash work. His memory is strong, but the immortality of his legacy is even more stronger.

Yusuf responds:

his legacy will hopefully never die ;)

The colors

With the characters movements and colors, with the voice that u used for, I've let my imagination to see a kid who plays with toys and dream up. Even if this kind of... Salacious dialog is not my cup of tea, good job anyway, because the animation got some good skills and the idea i mentionned above was really interessting to think about. 8/10 and 4/5 to your work.

Sandling responds:

Thnk you sir for your detailed review.

This does not coincide with my aesthetic but

I sincerely respect your art, graphically as subjectively. It seems that we are here in a dream that belongs to your universe. I appreciate the fact that you shared it. Everyone has an imagination who feeds itself with different things, and it is gratifying to see what each of us might bring to this imperfect world, with the dream. A big thank you to you.

Rutger responds:

No problem c: And thank you for the kind review.


All of this for an unfortunate 1-up mushroom in less ...

Sh0T-D0wN responds:



Jokes aside, you bring an interesting point of view.

Sh0T-D0wN responds:


Realmente, me gusta su trabajo!

Su imaginación y sus colores son dulces para mis sentimientos. Soy francés (que es la razón por la que me da malas notas en mis creaciones -_-), pero esto no impide que me encanta su visión artística.

Darkar responds:

Muchísimas gracias!!! :)

Hi. Flash is, in my sense, the marriage of Dramatic Art and drawing ; my two needs to stay alive in this world of flesh.

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