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Really nice work! Now, all we need (for a next version!) is a story and some background. In some ways, it reminds me of Toriko. Keep the inspiration!

Kwing responds:

I've never heard of Toriko but this looks hilarious.

Story and background are always hard to shoehorn into a roguelike. The Binding of Isaac did it well but I wasn't sure I would be able to do anything decent with such a silly concept.


what a nice nightmare

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks for playing!

What to say... It was incredible.
I reach an outstand experiment of the hell while i was playing your game.
Such poetry of darkness and destructive moral... I loved it!
I think i'll follow your future work, because your universe is a rare candy to my teeth!
Allow me to offer you these 5 stars as a thanks.
However, if we want to be exigent, I think that you should try to add
more different atmospheres for the sequel.
To fright has many possibilities.
Excelent work anyway!

Vilehead responds:

<3 Rose
Yeah I actually want the sequel to be more diverse. Creepy, sick things work wonders. But once you are bombarded by them - you grown an immunity. Antumbra 2 will still be creepy and disturbing, but i also want to add more humor and adventure/exploration. That's why it will be a lot more RPGish you know. What i mean by that:
There will be the main plot, story. Which is the spine of the whole adventure. But there also will be a lot of side-stories, that the player do not need to finish in order to beat the game. Which i find very rare in adventure games. Its like - we. gamers are used to, that if we find a key somewhere - there has to be a keyhole. Because - why would there be a key if there's no keyhole, right?
Well, I am breaking this old habits. You will find and discover a lot of things that are there just for the sake of building the atmosphere, the world. Ever played old pen'n'paper Vampire:Masquerade? Its a p'n'p RPG that has little to no stats, attributes. Its all storytelling. And in Antumbra 2 i want to emulate that to some degree. You will face quick time events, optional stuff, player character development. But there wont be any boring "levels" or "skills". Because those creates Grind. And grind - kills the game. Turns it into work, job, chore.
I will risk saying that Antumbra 2 will be the creation of my life. Because I will use all my skills, knowledge and experience to make it as good as its possible. The only thing I am worried about - will my IndieGoGo campaign succeed. And if Antumbra 2 won't put a shadow on any my future creations...

Hi. Flash is, in my sense, the marriage of Dramatic Art and drawing ; my two needs to stay alive in this world of flesh.

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